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Friday, September 29, 2006

TV and Me

Sometimes I feel like a traitor to my generation. I used to live for the issue of the TV Guide that was the fall season preview. In it, I’d circle the new cartoons I just had to watch and schedule my Saturday mornings including them as well as old favorites I couldn’t miss. My parents weren’t concerned that I watched too much TV, probably because I spent so much time with my nose buried in a book. I didn’t have as many scheduled activities as my kids seem to have now, and definitely less homework. So while I was a voracious reader, I still put in plenty of tube time.

In college, I caught a soaps virus passed on by my sorority sisters, so while my evenings weren’t spend so much around TV, afternoons were for One Live To Live and General Hospital. Regis got me through some pretty boring baby-centric mornings, and I can sing almost all the Sesame Street Songs.

Then my kids went to school. And a funny thing happened. My older son’s grades in English and Social Studies appeared to be slipping, so we cut off TV. This went on for about five weeks, until we realized that the teacher had mistyped the student ID numbers into her computer grading system and that my son (near the top of the class) was mixed up with someone else (who was near the bottom of the class). But once the mix-up was detected…we didn’t turn the TV back on.

We’re a bit more relaxed now, but never returned to our prime time TV habit. So I’ve never watched a Survivor episode or Amazing Race and I caught only pieces of last season’s American Idol. I do watch some shows that come later on, after my younger one goes to bed, but I confess…we get up early around here and it’s hard for me to stay awake through a show that starts at 10:00 (and even 9:00!).

And heck, there’s always a fascinating Law & Order on somewhere in the cable channels, or a subject that catches my interest on the History Channel. Yet I know there are good things I’m missing. I watched House last season, but haven’t turned it on yet this fall. My friend can’t believe I’m not hooked on Project Runway.

What can I say? I have been reading a lot. And maybe there’s another time in my life for being up on prime time like I used to be. But I am watching Studio 60. It’s on late, and I forgot about the second episode until it was almost over…but as Susan pointed out, technology is a beautiful thing. I watched it on my computer the next day at! The writing is fabulous—with great dialogue and plenty of conflict. So, there’s hope that I might add one new, not-in-reruns show to my television repertoire. Because I think I’m going to love this series

What about you? What are you watching and is there something I should try not miss?


At 7:37 AM, Blogger Christine Rimmer said...

Hey, Christie!

I used to live for the TV Guide, period. But I finally quit subscribing. It just...can't keep up with the plethora of stuff that's available out there on the airwaves.

I watch---
HBO series. Mostly the gross and violent ones: Sopranos, The Wire, Deadwood. Probably my fave series of all time, ever, was Six Feet Under.

I also will watch Law and Order wherever I can find it. They moved it to Fridays this year. Oh, dear...

And Boston Legal. I adore Boston Legal... But I've always had this thing for James Spader, which probably says more about me than anyone ever wanted to know.

At 9:02 AM, Blogger Maureen Child said...

Oh, guys, me too. The Fall Issue TV guide was something I looked forward to!!

But, like Chris, I let my subscription go...still, there are a few I watch.

Unlike everyone else though, including Susan, I'm so over lawyer shows! Now I'm into Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural and a lot of SciFi channel stuff.. Stargate, Atlantis, Eureka is hysterically funny and I confess Dr.Who dragged me in, too.

But then there's NCIS and The Unit.

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Susan Mallery said...

I still get TV Guide and I do try to pick one or two shows each new season to watch. That's how we found West Wing all those years ago. But between the dh's long hours and other stuff, committing to a show is really hard. Which is why I *love* shows on DVD. That's how I found Buffy and Stargate.

So anything I hear is fabulous, I'll get on DVD. The start time is convenient to us and there are no commercials!! We're just starting season 1 of Grey's Anatomy and it's great. We missed the entire second season of Boston Legal, so I just ordered that, too. (Chris, I, too, have a James Spader thing. One of my favorite movies of his is The Secretary. Hmm, confessing that is probably something to blog about!!)

Then I have my shows that the dh soooo will not watch. I watch them at lunch time. It's a great break from writing. I just finished Season 1 of The Girls Next Door and next up is Season 1 of Project Runway, followed by last season's Gilmore Girls.

At 11:53 AM, Anonymous kim said...

I love crime shows....CSI, Without a trace,Numb3ers, Criminal Minds, Law and Order...I am sort of a crime junkie. Left over from a long pregnancy and maternity leave. I probably knew more about the Laci Peterson case than anyone in the state of Nebraska. (Obsession?!)

I LOVE "The Office" but it is on at a bad time for me. I still have kiddo's up and about.

Yeah, my newest thing from the summer is "Dog the Bounty Hunter". I try to get the kids to bed so that I can watch. They bleep the language, but my boys are too smart for thier own good.
I am guessing that is more than you wanted to know! :)

Have a lovely weekend ladies.

At 12:11 PM, Blogger Christine Rimmer said...

Hey, Kim. Great weekend to you, too.

And okay, mini-rant. I hate Grey's Anatomy. And I have no reason to hate it. I mean, no *reasonable* reason. I hate it because it displaced Boston Legal when it debuted and then took Boston Legal's slot permanently and I had to search all over the place to find my fave show at its new home.

Okay, and I just don't like medical shows anyway. Okay? Okay?

Sheesh. Aren't we all glad I got *that* off my chest?

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Kate Carlisle said...

Am I the only one who'll admit to watching reality shows? Okay, Susan mentioned Project Runway, so I'll jump in on that one, too. But I also love America's Next Top Model (cat fights!! drag queens!! makeup and hair!! gotta love it!!), American Idol, Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance. I'll stop there before Maureen beats me over the head with the remote!! LOL

Christie, I'm loving Studio 60! It's so Aaron Sorkin and I missed his presence so much the last few seasons of West Wing. I'm also getting hooked on Shark, because I can't get enough of lawyers. What's wrong with me??

I also love House and Standoff (that couple is too cute) and though I don't watch Boston Legal (must be something else on), I'm a James Spader fan, too. The Secretary? OMG! Also loved him with Susan Sarandon...and just blanked on the movie. White Palace?

Finally, CSI Miami. Yes. David Caruso. Yes. For all the reasons people hate him, I love him! Love him posing in each shot! Love him whipping off his sunglasses! Guess that's my dirty little secret. Well, not such a secret anymore....

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Maureen Child said...

Oh, Kate...Oh, Kate...DAVID CARUSO????? I may never recover. LOLOL

Chris, I'm with you on the medical shows. My daughter loves Grey's, but after several years of ER, I burned out.

The reality shows...okay, Kate, not going to say it. Again.

USED to love CSI, Kim...but then they started doing what Without a Trace did. Going into their personal lives...I'm watching for the crime solving!!!

Wow, this became quite the rant, didn't it???

At 1:58 PM, Blogger Christine Rimmer said...

Well, it totally pleases me that I'm not alone in loving Secretary. And yeah, Kate. White Palace was the one with Susan Sarandon--which I also loved. I loved Spader when he played the bad kid in Pretty in Pink. Just so...I don't know. Sexy in a kind of scary, dangerous way. Oh, and 2 Days in the Valley. What a bad, bad man...

Reality shows: I've watched two seasons of the Apprentice. Probably not again. Fear Factor. I watched a lot of those. And the first season of Survivor. Now and then I drop in on the various Real Worlds, aka, young women in skimpy outfits behaving badly. OH, and NEXT. Where five women (or men) wait in a trailer while the main contestant had dates with each of them. When he/she kicks one of the five to the curb, he/she shouts, "Next!" Argh. You're right, Christie. Sometimes the TV just needs turning *Off*!

At 3:23 PM, Blogger Christie Ridgway said...

I love crime shows too, Kim. The thing about them is you can pick up an episode in the middle of the season and not have missed much (if anything) about the characters since the show is about the crime.

Hmm. I've heard about the movie The Secretary WAY too many times for someone who has not seen it. Susan, you must blog about it. I was going to write a p.s. to my blog today saying that I'm talking about sex next week. And from what I've heard about The Secretary, maybe I should turn that over to you...

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Christie Ridgway said...

Ooops, and meant to also say--

Kate, Kate, Kate.

So NO to David Caruso from me.

Okay, we'll all have to confess about the guy that everyone else hates that we personally love. I have a thing for the guy who played Dawson on Dawson's Creek. Well, maybe not James Van Der Beek (spelling) but actually the character of Dawson. I wanted to turn back time and be Joey!

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Kate Carlisle said...

LOL - I didn't say I thought Caruso was sexy, I just love him for being the posing, arrogant redhead that he is!

And Chris, I've never heard of NEXT. Sounds vicious and awful. What time is it on?? *G*

At 6:37 PM, Blogger Maureen Child said...

Oh, Christie!! Van Der Beek?? yeeks....=) But I'm sooo with you on the Caruso thing!

And the guy I liked was Spike on Buffy. The DH was constantly complaining that I couldn't like a character who was a mass murderer! But he was just so funny and sooo enjoyed all the killing!

At 7:02 AM, Blogger Christine Rimmer said...

Loved Spike as well.

Oh, and Julian McMahon--of Charmed and Nip/Tuck fame. Now, see. Nip/Tuck. Another sicko *g* show I loved. But Hunky Mensa Man couldn't bear the surgery scenes. Oh, and what's his name, the guy who plays Mackie on the Shield. Hunka-hunk. But not to everyone's taste, I suppose...

Love shaved-head guys, from way back to Telly Savales. Which I meant to post on Maureen's blog...

Oh, well. I do. Love them...

At 8:59 AM, Anonymous SunniBrook said...

Myself, I'm more partial, looks-wise, to Angel than to Spike but Spike's cool. We love Bones, because, well, it has David Boreanaz. :) And I have to admit I find the guy who plays Zack, whose name I can't think of right now, just darn cute.

I also admit to loving High School Musical. Such a fun, bouncy movie. And Corbin Bleu (Chad the basketball player) is adorable.

How I Met Your Mother is one we watch at our house. And we also love Monk and Pysch. My hubby likes Battlestar Galatica but I mostly watched it to have "hubby" time and I find myself not caring about it anymore, even though it starts again this Friday.

Don't really do reality shows, although I used to. I used to love the Bachelor and I still can't believe sweet Ryan actually married twit Trista after the Bachelorette. Watched some Apprentice. Never got into Fear Factor or Survivor, but I do kind of like Project Runway.

I keep missing Studio 60 which I really wanted to watch. Did anyone watch Aaron Sorkin's Sports Night? We loved that show. The one where Dan has writers block was my favorite!

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Christine Rimmer said...

Okay, everyone. Don't hate me. But I just don't like Aaron Sorkin. I tried Studio 60--just so...stagey. Never liked--okay, shoot me--West Wing. I lack the Aaron Sorkin gene. Not my fault. Hah. I can't tell you how many friends swore I would like West Wing if I only gave it a chance. I did give it a chance. Never liked it. *sigh*

sunnibrook, re Ryan and Trista. Well, I think it really is true love with them. But I so agree. Just never liked that woman. Didn't like her in the first Bachelor. Didn't like her when she was the Bachelorette. And after she and Ryan hooked up, I stopped watching that show.

This season, I'm giving up on Desperate Housewives. Just can't watch those women make the same big mistakes year after year, though I loved it the first season.

Maybe that's why I love romance: people actually clean up their acts and learn from their mistakes.


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